Embark on a transformative journey with “Nexaurum” by Aaron K Metz—a visionary fusion of ancient wisdom and technology. Each piece blends iconic sites with modern elements—gold circuits, motherboards, and ethereal crystals—to transcend boundaries. “Nexaurum” prioritizes visual excellence and healing properties, featuring the Selenite Ice Crystal for EMF purification and beneficial negative ions.

Available for Ethereum purchase, each piece is a visual and energetic masterpiece. Acquiring a 1/1 NFT secures digital and physical ownership of this artwork, offering an immersive experience. Minted on the blockchain, the NFT enhances market value.

The purchase price, inclusive of international shipping, makes it a seamless global acquisition. Own a unique masterpiece, participating in the evolving landscape of blockchain-based art acquisition. Elevate your surroundings with cutting-edge technology and holistic artistry. Acquire “Nexaurum”—an investment in aesthetic and energetic well-being.


(APPROX. $3200 USD)

Find a buyer for this flagship artwork from the Nexaurum Collection and be rewarded.

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Cosmic Circuitry: A Teotihuacan Odyssey

“Cosmic Circuitry: A Teotihuacan Odyssey,” the inaugural masterpiece from the groundbreaking Nexaurum Collection by Aaron K Metz.

This unique creation seamlessly merges ancient mystique and modern ingenuity, featuring a captivating fusion of Teotihuacan’s legendary Pyramid complex with cutting-edge technology. As the first-ever phygital art piece in the Nexaurum series, this work represents a harmonious blend of physical and digital realms, available for purchase through blockchain on layer 1 Ethereum.

This not only marks a new era in art authentication but also ensures immutable ownership and potential value appreciation. Immerse yourself in the intersection of ancient wonders and future frontiers, where each element resonates with cosmic energies.

Click to witness the transcendence of time and space in this captivating masterpiece.