The material universe is nothing more than a very dense form of energy. Everything that exists in this universe is aligned in an energy continuum. Each original artwork created to make these NFTs are handmade using elements of creation and by moving consciousness back to zeropoint to source these crystalline cosmic creations. Each NFT from this collection comes with a signed art print with 1 person winning the original.

Available nftS

The current available NFTs in the zeropoint collection are limited edition of 10 on the cronos blockchain. 

Once the collection sells out, each person will receive a signed art print of the purchased edition with 1 person randomly drawn to win the original artwork created to make that NFT edition.

Aaron creates his artworks by moving his consciousness into a tiny space that exists within our hearts called the creation space. This space is our connection to all that truly is. It is here that he is able to transport himself into the energetic field called zeropoint or what some call Source or God. Within this space, Aaron sees, feels and weaves each unique crystalline landscape. It’s as though he may actually be creating new universes and realms which we, the viewer, can traverse and explore without even stepping out our front door. Aaron’s art brings us back to our beginnings and reminds us of a beauty and a vastness that is as much “out there” as it is within each of us. We are all connected and life is timeless. His goal is to bring source inspired imagery to the worlds you spend most of your conscious time from our 3d Earth and into the Metaverse.

Aaron K Metz artist_zeropointart_nft2-compress