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the paintbrush is my hubble…

Aaron K Metz has been creating art for the past 30 years and currently has over 700 original, mineral – infused fine artworks in private collections throughout Canada, USA, Mexico, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and other parts of the world.

mY Story

Back in 2013, while deep within a meditation, I was presented with an image of the artwork that I was to create. It bared no similarity to the style I was working on at the time. The instructions contained in that vision, unveiled a brand new process, subject matter and emotional fuel to what I was meant to paint. This content and technique was to be based on our “origins” or building blocks of life, which blend the cosmos above with the minerals below.

I was to let go of all rational thought and allow my brush to be directed from my heart which would allow myself to access pure “space”. So I started the next day.

Nexaurum Collection - Phygital Art_Physical + NFT

Original Fine Art & NFTs re-imagined

I create crystalline based artworks from within zero-point to inspire & heal spaces, propelling human evolution through transformative art and now being imprinted on blockchain.

I’m moving into the new era and creating the Nexaurum Collection which is a futuristic cosmic crystal tech series featuring sacred sites from around the globe and each original handmade artwork is paired with a 1/1 NFT which acts as the immutable certificate of ownership tied to the physical original crystalline artwork designed to increase in value with the price of Ethereum. Each 1/1 also comes with a video of the entire process of each layer within the original.

Crystalline Artworks

Showcasing the current crystalline artworks available by Aaron.

Each piece features the highest quality gypsum crystal (Selenite Ice) in the elemental kingdom and are created using the best materials available for optimal health & nourishment in any space.

The selenite crystal used in all of Aaron’s artworks has been laboratory tested for its properties and shown that this mineral absorbs harmful EMF waves and converts it internally into healthy negative ions which are released into the air at similar levels as a healthy tree is generating per cubic inch. This naturally cleanses spaces and boost serotonin naturally in the body which helps reduce feelings of anxiety, increases sleep patterns and aid in digestion.

This is Fine Art “with benefits”.


Aaron K Metz artist profile

About Aaron

Aaron balances the cerebral with the heart in all of his creations. He uses his extensive knowledge of product and technique within a completely ardent and meditative state of being.

Exhale Art Gallery logo


Aaron’s gallery was born to best encapsulate the result one finds when a creative thought turns into an art form. It is akin to the inhale that transpires into the exhale.

It is the heart-guided collaboration of Aaron and Laura Metz.

Selenite Kingdom logo


Aaron’s crystal company, Selenite Kingdom. Specializing in pure gypsum crystal also known as “Selenite Ice”

We personally source, transport, river clean, sun and moon bath our selenite respectfully, responsibly and legally from our private sites in Mexico, USA and Morocco.